Fine Northern Italian Cuisine

257 W 55th St, New York, NY 10019 Tel: 212-713-0224


“Enduring and endearing” – not to mention “convenient” if you’re bound for Carnegie Hall or City Center – this “cozy” Tuscan turns out “plentiful” platefuls of “fine” fare; “charming owners” who “take pride” add an “intimate” feel to the “unassuming” digs.

Nocello's Story

During the Middle Ages it was customary, according to an ancient tradition, to plant a walnut tree when a daughter was born. When she was to be married, the walnut tree was cut down and with the wood, as a symbol of happiness and prosperity, her nuptial bed was made. From the nuts, then as today, a precious elixir was made; the NOCELLO, a characteristic liqueur which adorned the table of Princes and Kings.

Weekly Restaurant Dinner

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Nocello Restaurant is open Mon-Fri 12PM to 3PM and from 5PM to 10PM. Saturday & Sunday the hours are 4PM to 10PM. We can open for lunch during the weekend to accomodate groups of 10 or more. Please call or email for details.